Instantaneous, total and stable cure for Maria Jose Kottarathil

The miracle that was considered for the canonization of Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias was the instantaneous, total and stable cure of the squint eye of Maria Jose Kottarathil. She is the youngest child of Mr. Jose Thomas and Mrs. Marykutty Jose Kottarathil. She has two brothers, George, the eldest who is a Seminarian in the Pala Diocese and Febin who pursues university studies. Maria was born on 5 April 2005 at Pala, Kottayam District, Kerala, and was baptized in the St. Thomas Cathedral Church, Pala. She had the defect of congenital squint (alternating esotropia) in both her eyes, noticed clearly by her parents as well as those who knew her from about four or five months after her birth.

The scientific investigation conducted by five medical experts into the defect of Maria Jose’s eyes confirmed the diagnosis that she had Alternating Convergent Squint (alternating esotropia) eyes for which surgery was suggested as the only remedy. However, before undergoing any operation or taking any medicine, all on a sudden the squint eyes were healed and the healing was total and stable. The study also revealed that the child with congenital defective eyes was not subjected to any treatment or surgery. Hence, this sudden, total and stable cure without any surgery was declared by all the doctors who studied the case or examined the child as medically inexplicable.

The family had, for various reasons, avoided the prescribed surgery and turned to God invoking the intercession of Blessed Chavara. On 9 October Mrs. Marykutty visited the ‘Room of Chavara” as well as the tomb and again on 12 October the parents with Mariamol visited the tomb and prayed intensely for the cure. After four days of intense prayer, on 16th October, as the child approached her parents after the evening prayer to say ‘praise be to Jesus Christ’ as per custom or practice in all Catholic families in the place, the latter noticed that the child could look straight and that the squint in her eyes disappeared. This healing was the result of intense prayer to God through Blessed Kuriakose Elias at his tomb at Mannanam where his mortal remains rest as well as at home, first of all, of Mariamol’s parents, especially her mother Mrs. Marykutty and, of course, of the entire family and their relatives and friends.

Subsequently, the child was taken to different doctors for examination and all of them without exception confirmed the cure which was unexplainable according to the medical knowledge available to them. Subsequent to it, the theological experts approved the theological element of the miraculous healing attributing it to the intercession of Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara.

Thus, on 18 March 2014, the miracle was approved by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints in the Cardinals’ Meeting which leads to the ceremony of canonization on 23 November 2014. Praise and Glory to God for He is Great.

Club-footed Joseph

After the elevation of Fr. Chavara to the position of Venerable, the cure of the congenial deformity of the legs of Mr. Joseph Mathew Pennaparambil happened in the month of April, 1960 was approved in Rome as a miracle.

Joseph was born club-footed with congenial deformity of both the legs from his very birth itself. Joseph's family was pious but poor. Though his legs were deformed Joseph started going to school. He was always accompanied by his elder sister. It was when Joseph was seven years old that his family for the first time heard about Blessed Chavara and the many favours received through his intercession. From that time onwards the whole family started praying for the healing of the deformity of Joseph's legs through the intercession of Blessed Chavara with great devotion and faith. They experienced nothing special during this period, however, they continued to pray with faith. After almost a month, one day Joseph and his sister were going to school. As usual with the school going children in the pious families of the villages of Kerala, Joseph's sister told him to pray to Blessed Chavara for the cure of his legs and asked him to recite 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory. As they both prayed and walked together, all of a sudden Joseph felt that his right leg started shivering. When Joseph pressed his right leg on the ground and tried to walk further his right leg became normal. He continued to have pain for a few days whenever he was walking, and later that pain also subsided.

This healing of one leg gave the family great joy and hope. The whole family started to pray with greater fervour and devotion for the healing of the deformity of the left leg also. They continued their prayer and petitions for quite some time. On the fine morning of April 30th, 1960 Joseph had started experiencing pain on his left foot. However, discarding the pain Joseph and his sister went to their elder brother's house.

On their way, the fingers of the left foot became normal and gradually his leg also became normal. Thereafter he could walk normally pressing both the legs on the ground. Joseph believes that it was because of the intercession of Blessed Chavara that he could walk normally. Joseph was 31 when this miraculous cure was considered in Rome for the canonization process in 1984.